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USS Sculpin Memorial - Maine

USS Sculpin Memorial, Kittery, Maine

Photo courtesy of USSVI

The U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II assigned a submarine that was lost during the War to each state, with California and New York receiving two boats each. Many states have submarine memorials dedicated to their state boat. We are collecting photos of the individual submarine memorials, so if you have a photo of the memorial in your state that you would like to contribute, please contact us.

On this table, clicking on the name of the boat in the "By Submarine" column (on the left) will take you to our page listing the men who were lost with the boat. Clicking on the name of the boat in the "Submarine" column (on the right) will take you to a page with a brief history on the loss of the vessel.

  By Submarine State     By State Submarine
1 ALBACORE (SS-218) Oregon   1 Alabama HERRING (SS-233)
2 AMBERJACK (SS-219) South Carolina   2 Alaska S-26 (SS-131)
3 ARGONAUT (SS-166) California   3 Arizona PERCH (SS-176)
4 BARBEL (SS-316) Wyoming   4 Arkansas SNOOK (SS-279)
5 BONEFISH (SS-223) Washington   5 California ARGONAUT (SS-166)
6 BULLHEAD (SS-332) New Mexico   6 California GRAMPUS (SS-207)
7 CAPELIN (SS-289) New Hampshire   7 Colorado GRAYLING (SS-209)
8 CISCO (SS-290) West Virginia   8 Connecticut TRITON (SS-201)
9 CORVINA (SS-226) Nevada   9 Delaware KETE (SS-369)
10 DARTER (SS-227) Tennessee   10 Florida TANG (SS-306)
11 DORADO (SS-248) Kansas   11 Georgia SEALION (SS-195)
12 ESCOLAR (SS-294) Michigan   12 Hawaii GROWLER (SS-215)
13 FLIER (SS-250) Vermont   13 Idaho S-27 (SS-132)
14 GOLET (SS-361) Louisiana   14 Illinois S-44 (SS-155)
15 GRAMPUS (SS-207) California   15 Indiana GRAYBACK (SS-208)
16 GRAYBACK (SS-208) Indiana   16 Iowa S-36 (SS-141)
17 GRAYLING (SS-209) Colorado   17 Kansas DORADO (SS-248)
18 GRENADIER (SS-210) New York (West)   18 Kentucky POMPANO (SS-181)
19 GROWLER (SS-215) Hawaii   19 Louisiana GOLET (SS-361)
20 GRUNION (SS-216 ) Ohio   20 Maine SCULPIN (SS-191)
21 GUDGEON (SS-211) New Jersey   21 Maryland S-39 (SS-144)
22 HARDER (SS-257) Utah   22 Massachusetts TROUT (SS-202)
23 HERRING (SS-233) Alabama   23 Michigan ESCOLAR (SS-294)
24 KETE (SS-369) Delaware   24 Minnesota SWORDFISH (SS-193)
25 LAGARTO (SS-371) Wisconsin   25 Mississippi TULLIBEE (SS-284)
26 PERCH (SS-176) Arizona   26 Missouri SCAMP (SS-277)
27 PICKEREL (SS-177) Montana   27 Montana PICKEREL (SS-177)
28 POMPANO (SS-181) Kentucky   28 Nebraska WAHOO (SS-238)
29 R-12 (SS-89) Rhode Island   29 Nevada CORVINA (SS-226)
30 ROBALO (SS-273) North Dakota   30 New Hampshire CAPELIN (SS-289)
31 RUNNER (SS-275) New York (East)   31 New Jersey GUDGEON (SS-211)
32 S-26 (SS-131) Alaska   32 New Mexico BULLHEAD (SS-332)
33 S-27 (SS-132) Idaho   33 New York (East) RUNNER (SS-275)
34 S-28 (SS-133) North Carolina   34 New York (West) GRENADIER (SS-210)
35 S-36 (SS-141) Iowa   35 North Carolina S-28 (SS-133)
36 S-39 (SS-144) Maryland   36 North Dakota ROBALO (SS-273)
37 S-44 (SS-155) Illinois   37 Ohio GRUNION (SS-216)
38 SCAMP (SS-277) Missouri   38 Oklahoma SHARK (SS-174)
39 SCORPION (SS-278) South Dakota   39 Oregon ALBACORE (SS-218)
40 SCULPIN (SS-191) Maine   40 Pennsylvania TRIGGER (SS-237)
41 SEALION (SS-195) Georgia   41 Rhode Island R-12 (SS-89)
42 SEAWOLF (SS-197) Texas   42 South Carolina AMBERJACK (SS-219)
43 SHARK (SS-174) Oklahoma   43 South Dakota SCORPION (SS-278)
44 SHARK (SS-314) Virginia   44 Tennessee DARTER (SS-227)
45 SNOOK (SS-279) Arkansas   45 Texas SEAWOLF (SS-197)
46 SWORDFISH (SS-193) Minnesota   46 Utah HARDER (SS-257)
47 TANG (SS-306) Florida   47 Vermont FLIER (SS-250)
48 TRIGGER (SS-237) Pennsylvania   48 Virginia SHARK (SS-314)
49 TRITON (SS-201) Connecticut   49 Washington BONEFISH (SS-223)
50 TROUT (SS-202) Massachusetts   50 West Virginia CISCO (SS-290)
51 TULLIBEE (SS-284) Mississippi   51 Wisconsin LAGARTO (SS-371)
52 WAHOO (SS-238) Nebraska   52 Wyoming BARBEL (SS-316)


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