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The Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC), headed by the Director of Naval History, is an Echelon II command headquartered on the Washington Navy Yard, D.C., and whose mission is "Collect, preserve, protect, present, and make relevant the artifacts, art, and documents that best capture the Navy's history and heritage."

In order to assist them in this effort, we at On Eternal Patrol offer them the results of our extensive research into U.S. submarine losses.


Updates on the NHHC Website

Please Note: As of 2 February 2017, all suggested changes below have been made on the United States Submarine Losses section of the NHHC website. We would like to thank RADM Samuel Cox, Director, NHHC, Glenn E. Helm, Director, Navy Department Library, NHHC, and their staffs for their dedication to accurately preserving our Naval History.

When sites for men lost in U.S. submarines list figures that differ from ours, we make every effort to contact the responsible parties, provide them with the product of our research, and suggest changes. The United States Submarine Losses section on the NHHC website is a recent (2014-2015) online version of the Navy publication U.S. Submarine Losses - World War II. It retained many (but not all) of the errors made in the 1963 edition of the work, and unfortunately made a number of new omissions and typographical errors. In regards to these issues, we sent detailed information to NHHC on April 14, 2015, and received acknowledgement that revisions were under advisement. A follow-up message, including the list of suggested changes, was sent to NHHC on April 14, 2016. On January 4 and 5, 2017, the lists were again sent to NHHC, and met with a very positive response - the listings of lost submariners of World War II on the United States Submarine Losses section on the NHHC website and those found on the On Eternal Patrol website are now in complete agreement.

In the table below, the "Lost" column lists only the number of men who died as a result of the sinking of each submarine, including passengers (civilians, foreign nationals, and Army personnel), as well as men who later died as POWs. These figures do not include men lost in events that occured prior to the loss of the vessels. This is the same criteria that the Submarine Losses section on the NHHC site uses, with the exception of one man they included who was killed in action nine months prior to the loss of USS Scorpion (SS-278). However, those men lost in prior instances are included with their shipmates on the pages of On Eternal Patrol (this site) for the individual submarines linked to below.

The column labled "NHHC" lists the number of men formerly found on the corresponding page of the United States Submarine Losses section of the NHHC website. Discrepancies are in bold. The "Notes for NHHC" column offers explainations for the discrepancies, and includes links to personal memorial pages on this site for the individual men who were lost, whenever appropriate. "New error" designates seven omissions and one double listing (with a misspelling) that were not in the source (U.S. Submarine Losses - World War II, 1963). One man's rank was also listed incorrectly. "Correctly added" indicates three errors that were found in the source and that had previously been corrected on the NHHC site.

Further details on the individual men for each of the suggested changes below may be found in the notes on the Discrepancies in Numbers of Lost Submariners page on this site.

No. Submarine Lost NHHC Notes for NHHC
85 86 Mistakenly included Wright, Sylvester M., StM2. 969 07 34, who transferred off the boat - Corrected 2 February 2017
72* 74 Included Beeman, Arthur C., killed in an earlier gun action; mistakenly included Chrzan, Raymond J., who transferred off the boat - Corrected 31 January 2017
102 105 Mistakenly included DeGuzman, Jose;. mistakenly included Ramos, Mariano, Jr.; mistakenly included Widener, Hubert R., all of whom transferred off the boat - Corrected 30 January 2017
81 81  
85 85  
84 85
Double listing for Mannas, Oscar V (as Nassas, Oscar V.)
(new error) - Corrected 31 January 2017
76 78
Mistakenly included Rhimann, R. C., and Smith, D. T., who were not aboard when CAPELIN was lost. - Corrected 30 January 2017
CISCO (SS-290)
76 76  
82 81 Mistakenly omitted Schulz, Walter Krancher, TM1, 212 48 81 (new error) - Corrected 2 February 2017
0 0  
77 76 Mistakenly omitted Williams, Thomas Allen, EM2, 272 37 63 - Corrected 31 January 2017
82 81 Mistakenly omitted Foster, Alvin Buckley, GM2, 360 48 75 (new error) - Corrected 2 February 2017
FLIER (SS-250)
78 78  
GOLET (SS-361)
82 81 Mistakenly omitted Leonard, Cecil Burton, MoMM2, 342 37 70 (new error) - Corrected 2 February 2017
71 71 NHHC arrived at the correct number when it mistakenly included Merrill, Wayne Rucker, LT, O-073564, who survived the war (he commanded USS Batfish (SS-310) from 21 Aug 1943 to 14 May 1944) - Corrected 2 February 2017 -and mistakenly omitted O'Connor, Edward Roger, LT, O-097839.- Corrected 2 February 2017
80 80  
76 76  
4 4  
86 85 Mistakenly omitted Thompson, Harold Eugene, PhM1, 700 54 85 - Corrected 31 January 2017
70 70  
79 79 Correctly added Swinson, Paul Westley
79 79  
83 84 Mistakenly included Fleming, C. D., who transferred off the boat - Corrected 31 January 2017
KETE (SS-369)
87 86 Mistakenly omitted Walling, Floyd Stewart, TM2, 316 75 73 (new error) - Corrected 2 February 2017
86 85 Mistakenly omitted Lee, Russell Willie, F1, 644 83 76 - Corrected 31 January 2017
PERCH (SS-176)
6 9 Mistakenly included Atkeison, Warren Ingram; Greco, John; and Osborne, Robert Willis, all of whom survived POW camp and were liberated after the War. - Corrected 2 February 2017
74 74  
77 77 Correctly added Poole, Claire Cornwell
R-12 (SS-89)
42 42  
81 81  
78 78  
S-26 (SS-131)
46 48 See Comment below - Corrected 31 January 2017
S-27 (SS-132)
0 0  
S-28 (SS-133)
49 50 Mistakenly included Bolton, Levi, who was not aboard when USS S-28 was lost - Corrected 31 January 2017
S-36 (SS-141)
0 0  
S-39 (SS-144)
0 0  
S-44 (SS-155)
56 55 Mistakenly omitted Erico, Daniel Benjamin, CHBOSN, W-184673 - Corrected 2 February 2017
SCAMP (SS-277)
83 83  
77 77 NHHC arrived at the correct number by including Raymond, Reggie R. (actually Raymond, Reginald Marbury), who was killed on April 30, 1943, and mistakenly omitting Himes, David Alexander, MoMM3, 650 14 89 - Corrected 2 February 2017
63 63  
5 4 Does not include Firth, Howard, who later died as a POW (not listed on the Sealion page on NHHC)
100 99 Mistakenly omitted Rosete, Tomas, CCk, 497 52 84 - Corrected 31 January 2017 Additionally, the names of four Army personnel are misspelled, and two men's first initials are incorrect. See note below. - Corrected 31 January 2017
SHARK (SS-174)
59 59 Correctly added Gimenez, Pedro, SC1
SHARK (SS-314)
87 86 Mistakenly omitted Davis, John Scott, MoMM2, 564 61 61 (new error) - Corrected 2 February 2017 Mistakenly listed Davis, Jesse A(ndrew), Jr., as MoMM2 - he was a Lieutenant (new error) - Corrected 2 February 2017
SNOOK (SS-279)
84 84  
46 SWORDFISH (SS-193) 89 89  
TANG (SS-306)
78 77 Mistakenly omitted Boucher, Wilfred Joseph, TM3, 202 12 65 (new error) - Corrected 2 February 2017
89 89  
74 74  
TROUT (SS-202)
81 80 Mistakenly omitted Thurman, Albert Judson, S1, 722 03 52 (new error) - Corrected 2 February 2017
79 79  
WAHOO (SS-238)
80 80  

*One man, Beeman, Arthur Castles, was killed by enemy gunfire 12 days before the boat was lost on the same patrol. If he is included, the number of men lost with Amberjack would be 73.

Note that pages for USS Albacore, USS Amberjack, and USS Argonaut were not posted on the NHHC website until July 23, 2015.

Comment - NHHC text on the loss of USS S-26

Although the text said, "There were three survivors, two officers including the Commanding Officer, and one enlisted man-all on the bridge at the time of the collision," the listing was of 48 men, and did not differentiate between survivors and those who were lost. It included the CO, LCDR Earle Clifford Hawk, and the XO, LT Robert E. M. Ward, both of whom survived. The enlisted survivor was Joe B. Hurst, who NHHC listed as one of the crew in hospital at the time of the sinking. We suggested adding an asterisk before the names of the survivors, as was done in the listing of survivors on other boats, such as for USS S-44. Corrected 31 January 2017

Note on Army Personnel carried on USS Seawolf

Cendonia, O.C. should be Cendania, Amadeo C.

Framisco, A.C., should be Francisco, Alberto C.

Fria, A.B., should be Tria, Antonino B.

Pugose, E.L., should be Pugosa, Emil L.

Ramos, O.B., should be Ramos, Aquilino B.

All of these corrections have been verified with the listings of the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. Note also that first names of all the other Army personnel lost with the submarine can be found on our page for USS Seawolf. Corrected 31 January 2017


Each of the suggested changes in the table above has been verified by consulting:

1.  Individual military personnel files at the National Archives in St. Louis

2.  U. S. Navy Casualty Lists, Book 11, pp. #2042 - #2152, Submarine War Patrols, Pacific - 7 December 1941 to 2 September 1945 - all of the men that we list as "mistakenly omitted" above appear in Navy Casualty, and none of the men that we list as "mistakenly included" appear on the lists.

3.  Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) - all of the men that we list as "mistakenly omitted" above appear on the DPAA list, and none of the men that we list as "mistakenly included" appear on their list, which is available online at http://www.dpaa.mil/OurMissing/WorldWarII/ServicePersonnelNotRecoveredFollowingWWII.aspx.

4. . U. S. Rosters of World War II Dead, 1939-1945, available online at http://search.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=1102. Again, all of the men that we list as "mistakenly omitted" above appear in these rosters, and none of the men that we list as "mistakenly included" appear on the lists.

5.  Muster rolls of each submarine, whenever applicable and available

Note also that we are in contact with the families of many of the individual men in question listed above.

The "Discrepancies in Numbers of Lost Submariners" page on this site attempts to help bring varying statistics into line, and serve as a guide for submarine veterans' organizations with accurate and consistent information to use in their memorial events. Detailed information on our sources is presented on this page, as well.

Submarine Losses - Chronological

Lost Submarines by Month

Lost Boat State Assignments

We welcome comments, additions, and corrections to the information as shown on this website. If you believe that we have omitted someone who should have an individual memorial page on this site, please send us the pertenent information. We will then make every effort to verify their individual records, and make corrections, if needed.


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