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USS Grenadier (SS-210)


USS Grenadier was forced to scuttle herself on April 22, 1943, after being mortally wounded in an attack by enemy aircraft.  The following crew members of USS Grenadier (SS-210) died as Prisoners of War. 

Click on a man's name to go to his personal memorial page on this site.  Photographs and personal information are needed as indicated in the column at right.

For a brief history of the boat, please see The Loss of USS Grenadier.

  Name Photo
1 Charles Doyle  Yes

Justiniano Garcia Guico


Charles Freeman Linder


George William Snyder, Jr.


The following USS Grenadier crew members survived Prisoner of War camp.

1 Ralph Langley Adkins
2 Norman Arthur Albertsen
3 David Joesph Andrews
4 Lesly Leroy Barker*
5 Clyde Wayne Barrington
6 Lynn Reginald Clark
7 Thomas Robert Courtney
8 Gordon Charles Cox
9 John Nisbet Critchlow, Jr.
10 William Michael Joseph Cunningham
11 Jewell Creston Embry
12 Charles Alexander Erishman
13 Rex Richard Evans
14 Robert Eugene Evans
15 John Allison Fitzgerald
16 Glen Raymond Fourre
17 Ben Harold Fulton
18 Randolph Jefferson Garrison
19 John Henry Gunderson
20 Kevin Denis Harty
21 Carlisle Willis Herbert
22 Richard Judd Hinkson
23 Joe Garza Ingram
24 Charles Eugene "John" Johnson
25 William Harold Keefe
26 Riley Huntsman Keysor
27 Joseph Sheldon Knutson
28 James Dennis Landrum
29 John Leskovsky
30 Raymond Grant Leslie
31 Irving Charles Loftus
32 John Joseph McBeath, Sr.
33 Charles H. "Tim" or "Skeeter" McCoy
34 Dempsey Ernest McGowan
35 Arthur Greenville McIntyre
36 Joseph Ardell Minton
37 Elwood Allen O'Brion
38 Virgil Angers Ouillette**
39 Robert Wiley Palmer
40 John Kazimier Pianka
41 Minor Bryan Pierce
42 Edgar Louis Poss
43 Joseph Thomas Price
44 Carl Owen Quarterman
45 Thomas Johnnie Rae
46 Warren Edgar Roberts
47 Charles Roskell
48 Albert John Rupp
49 Paul Delbert Russell
50 Henry William Rutkowski
51 Lyle Lane Sawatzke
52 John Francis Schwartzly
53 Lee Clifford Shaw
54 Harmon Bradford Sherry
55 Dean Boyd Shoemaker
56 John Edward Simpson
57 George Fredrick Stauber
58 Orville Anderson Taylor
59 Alfred Joseph Toulon, Jr.
60 Thomas James Trigg
61 Charles Henry Ver Valin
62 John Shawhan Walden
63 Charles William Westerfield
64 George Harris Whiting
65 Charles Howard Whitlock
66 Charles Maxwell Wilson
67 William Edgar Wise
68 William Clyde Withrow
69 Bernard William Witzke
70 Robert Francis “Sarge” York
71 Peter Zucco
72 Frederick Zufelt

*Spelling of first name (Lesly) veirfied by his family and by muster rolls of USS Grenadier.

**Incorrectly listed in some sources as "Virgil A. Quillette." 

If you are one of these men, or a relative or a friend of any man who served on this boat, please contact us.  Corrections to this list would be appreciated.

How to Submit Photos and Information

The U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II assigned USS Grenadier (SS-210)

to the State of New York (West).

Submarines Lost in World War II

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