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Links on this page will take you to external websites.

Listed below are approximately 190 links to individual US Navy submarine websites. To the best of our knowledge, none of them are owned or operated by the Navy or the Federal Government, except when noted.  Most (if not all) official websites for active Naval vessels were taken off the web after September 11, 2001.

Brief histories of nearly all older US Naval Ships may be found at the Haze Gray and Underway website, in their Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (DANFS) section. Information on vessels currently in the US Navy's inventory or just recently stricken may be found at the Naval Vessel Register (NVR) website.

A great photographic history of US submarines from 1900 through 1940 is found on Pigboats.com. Especially noteworthy are the photos on the Squalus/Sailfish (SS-192) pages. Included is a short history of the never-built "Neff" boat (SS-108).

28 Freshwater Submarines, part of the website of the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, has short histories and photo of each of the 28 submarines built at the Manitowoc (Wisconsin) Shipbuilding Company.

Information on Submarine Tenders can be found at tendertale.com.  See also this excellent site on the submarine rescue vessel USS Macaw (ASR-11).

Individual Submarine Links (in order by hull number)

The format for the listing of names and hull numbers, such as "USS Nautilus (SSN-571)" vs. "U.S.S. Nautilus SSN 571", is that which the individual site itself uses. Submarines with non-sequential hull numbers (such as the modern Seawolf Class) are placed in the general chronological order by date of their commissioning.

Submarines that are on display are listed with the name of the city in which they are located. 

Unless otherwise noted, all sites on this list were active as of  June 20, 2016.
Please report any broken links to: info@oneternalpatrol.com


The Hunt for the Alligator (navyandmarine.org page)

The Hunt for the Alligator (noaa.gov page)

USS R-12 (SS-89) Submarine

Expedition R12 (documentary video)

The U.S. Submarine S-51 (SS-162) (Newly updated!)

USS Narwhal SS-167

Wreck of the Tarpon (SS-175) (nc-wreckdiving.com)

USS Plunger SS-179 Tribute (on the Goatlocker website)

USS Sargo SS-188 (SubmarineSailor.com)

USS Squalus SS-192

USS Seadragon SS 194

USS Thresher SS200

Find  'Em  Chase 'Em  Sink  'Em - USS Gudgeon (SS-211)  (not online)

Search for the USS Grunion (SS-216) 

USS Bonefish SS-223

USS Cod (SS-224) (Cleveland, Ohio)

USS Drum (SS-228) (Mobile, Alabama)

USS Drum (SS-228) (Mobile, Alabama)

USS Silversides (SS-236) (Muskegon, Michigan)

The Submarine USS Wahoo (SS238) 

Legends of the Deep - USS Wahoo (SS-238)

USS Bluegill AGSS 242

USS Cavalla (SS-244) (Galveston, Texas)

USS Cavalla (SS-244) - American Undersea Warfare Center (Galveston, Texas)

USS Cobia (SS-245) (Manitowoc, Wisconsin)

USS Croaker (SS-246) (Buffalo, New York)

USS Dorado (SS-248)

USS Flasher SS 249

USS Flier Project (SS-250)

U.S.S. Gunnel SS-253

USS Lapon SSN 661/SS 260

USS Puffer SS268 and SSN652

USS Rasher SS/SSR/AGSS 269


Salute to USS Ray SS/SSR-271

USS Redfin (SS-272)

USS Snook (SS-279)

USS Tunny (SS-282) - website of Raymond Vance Olszewski

USS Bowfin (SS-287) (Honolulu, Hawaii) (sister website)

Eternal Patrol USS Capelin SS-289 (Facebook page)

USS Ling (SS-297) (Hackensack, New Jersey)

USS Lionfish (SS-298) (Fall River, Massachusetts)

USS Moray SS-300

USS Sabalo SS-302

USS Sablefish (SS-303)

USS Seahorse SS-304 - SSN-669

Legends of the Deep - USS Tang (SS-306)

USS Tang SS 306

USS Batfish (SS-310) (Muskogee, Oklahoma)

USS Archerfish (SS-311)

USS Perch (APSS-313)

USS Becuna (SS-319) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

U.S.S. Becuna (SS-319)

USS Bergall (SS-320)

USS Caiman (SS-323)

USS Charr SS 328

BUGARA.net - USS Bugara SS-331

USS Chivo (SS-341)

USS Chopper (SS-342) Association

USS Chopper (SS-342)

USS Clamagore SS 343 (Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina)

USS Clamagore (SS-343) Save The Clamagore

USS Corporal SS346

USS Cubera - SS-347

USS Hammerhead SS364 & SSN663

USS Hardhead (SS-365)

USS Hawkbill SS-366

USS Icefish SS 367

USS Jallao SS-368

USS Lagarto (SS 371), Loss of (NHHC website)

USS Lagarto Submarine (Thai Wreck Diver website)

USS Pampanito (SS-383) (San Francisco, California)

USS Bang SS 385

USS Sterlet (SS392)

USS Ronquil SS-396

USS Sea Devil SS-400

USS Sea Fox (SS402)

Sea Fox Association

USS Spikefish SS404

USS Sea Owl SS405

USS Sea Poacher SS406

USS Sea Robin (SS-407)

USS Sennet (SS-408)

USS Piper (SS409) Veteran's Association

USS Threadfin SS-410

Final Trim, USS Springer, SS-414

USS Tiru SS 416

USS Thornback (SS-418)

USS Torsk (SS-423) (Baltimore, Maryland)

USS Torsk (SS-423) (Baltimore, Maryland)

U.S.S. Quillback (SS-424)

USS Tusk (SS 426)

USS Cutlass (SS-478)

USS Medregal (SS-480)

USS Requin (SS-481) (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

USS Requin (SS-481/SSR-481)

U.S.S. Irex SS-482

U.S.S. Sea Leopard SS-483

USS Odax SS484

USS Sirago (SS485)

USS Remora (SS-487) (not online)

USS Spinax (SSR/SS-489) (not online)

USS Volador SS490

USS Grampus (SS-523) (not online)

USS Grenadier SS525

USS Dolphin (SS-555) (San Diego, California)

USS Tang SS 563 (not online)

USS Wahoo (SS565)

USS Trout (SS 566)

USS Harder (SS-568)

USS Albacore (AGSS 569) (Portsmouth, New Hampshire)

USS Albacore (AGSS-569) (Portsmouth, New Hampshire)

USS Marlin SST-2 (Omaha, Nebraska)

USS Nautilus (SSN-571) (US Navy Submarine Force Museum, Groton, CT)

USS Salmon SS-573 (not online)

USS Grayback - SSG/LPSS/SS-574

USS Seawolf (SSN 575)

USS Darter (SS-576)

USS Growler SSG-577 (New York, New York)

USS Growler SSG-577 (New York, New York)

USS Growler SSG-577 (New York, New York)

Skate SSN-578 Photo Gallery

USS Blueback Submarine (SS-581) (Portland, Oregon)

USS Sargo (SSN 583)

USS Seadragon SSN 584

USS Skipjack SSN-585

USS Triton SS(R)N 586

USS Halibut SS(G)N/SSN 587

USS Scorpion Alumni Home Page - SS-278 and SSN-589 (not online)

USS Scamp (SSN-588)

USS Snook (SSN 592)

United States Ship Thresher (SSN 593)

USS Plunger SSN-595

USS Tullibee (SSN 597)

USS George Washington SSBN 598

USS Theodore Roosevelt SSBN 600

USS Robert E. Lee SSBN/SSN-601

USS Pollack SSN 603

USS Haddo SSN 604

USS Dace SSN607

USS Sam Houston SSBN/SSN 609

USS Thomas A. Edison SSBN/SSN-610

USS John Marshall (SSBN/SSN 611)

USS Guardfish (SSN-612)

USS Flasher SSN 613

USS Lafayette SSBN 616

USS Alexander Hamilton SSBN-617

USS Thomas Jefferson SSB(N) 618 Association (not online)

USS Andrew Jackson SSBN 619

USS James Monroe SSBN 622 Association

USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN/SSN 624

USS James Madison 627 (SSBN-627)

USS Tecumseh (SSBN628)

USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN-630)

USS Ulysses S. Grant Alumni Association (SSBN-631)

USS Von Steuben SSBN 632

USS Casimir Pulaski (SSBN-633)

U.S.S. Stonewall Jackson SSBN 634

USS Sam Rayburn SSBN-635

USS Nathanael Greene SSBN-636

USS Benjamin Franklin SSBN 640

USS Kamehameha SSBN 642

USS George Bancroft SSBN 643 Association

USS Pogy SSN 647

USS Sunfish SSN-649 Alumni Association

USS Queenfish SS393/SSN651 (not online)

USS Puffer SS268 and SSN652

USS George Washington Carver SSBN-656

U.S.S. Francis Scott Key SSBN657

USS Mariano G. Vallejo SSBN 658

USS Mariano G. Vallejo SSBN 658

USS Will Rogers SSBN-659 (not online)

USS Sand Lance (SSN 660)

USS Lapon SSN 661/SS 260

USS Gurnard (SSN 662)

USS Hammerhead SS364 & SSN663

USS Sea Devil (SSN-664)

USS Hawkbill SSN-666

USS Bergall SSN 667

USS Seahorse SS-304 - SSN-669

Narwhal Veterans, Inc. (SSN-671)

USS Billfish SSN 676

USS Drum SSN-677

USS William H Bates (SSN680)

USS Tunny SSN 682

USS L. Mendel Rivers (SSN-686)

U.S.S. Richard B. Russell (SSN-687)

USS Boston SSN703

USS Key West Home Page (SSN-722)

USS Helena (SSN 725)

USS Louisiana (SSBN 743)

USS Tucson (SSN 770) Club

USS Texas SSN 775

USS Hawaii (SSN 776)


Inactive Sites

The following submarine sites were formerly online, but have since been dicommissioned, or have possibly changed their urls. Please contact us if you find that the site is back online, or if you know of any other boat in the U.S. Submarine Force with its own website.

U.S.S. Seal SS-183 (inactive)

USS Swordfish SS-193 (inactive)

The Silent Service - USS Triton SS-201 (inactive)

USS Barb (SS220) (inactive)

USS Bashaw SS/SSK/AGSS-241 (inactive)

USS Bream (SS-243) (inactive)

USS Dace (SS-247) (inactive)

USS Flier (SS-250)  (inactive)

USS Gurnard SS-254 (inactive)

USS Ray SS/SSR-271 & SSN-653 (inactive)

U.S.S. Rock (SS/SSR/AGSS-274) (inactive)

USS Scorpion Alumni Home Page - SS-278 and SSN-589 (inactive)

USS Sunfish SS-281 (inactive)

USS Tinosa (SS-283) (inactive)

Tinosa SS-283 & SSN-606 (inactive)

USS Crevalle SS 291 (inactive)

U.S.S. Sealion SS/SSP/ASSP/APSS/LPSS 315 (inactive)

USS Baya SS-318 (inactive)

USS Blackfin SS-322 (inactive)

USS Blenny SS-324 (inactive)

USS Carbonero SS337 (inactive)

USS Carp SS-338 (inactive)

USS Catfish SS339 (inactive)

USS Cobbler SS344 (inactive)

USS Diadon (SS-349) (inactive)

USS Greenfish SS 351 (inactive)

USS Halfbeak (SS352) Association (inactive)

USS Lagarto (SS-371) (inactive)

USS Menhaden (SS-377) (inactive)

USS Parche SS-384 (inactive)

USS Queenfish SS393/SSN651 (inactive)

USS Razorback (SS-394) (North Little Rock, Arkansas) (inactive)

USS Redfish 395 Memorial (inactive)

USS Segundo SS-398 (inactive)

USS Atule SS-403 (inactive)

USS Tirante (SS-420) (inactive)

USS Trutta (SS-421) (inactive)

USS Diablo (SS-479) (inactive)

USS Trigger SS564 (inactive)

USS Gudgeon SS-567 (inactive)

USS Marlin, Freedom Park (Omaha, Nebraska) (inactive)

USS Sailfish (SS-572) (inactive)

USS Scorpion SSN-589 (inactive)

USS Scorpion Alumni Home Page - SS-278 and SSN-589 (inactive)

USS Sculpin (SSN590) (inactive)

USS Permit SSN594 (inactive)

USS Barb SSN 596 (inactive)

USS Patrick Henry SSBN-599 (inactive)

USS Theodore Roosevelt SSB(N)600 (inactive)

USS Abraham Lincoln SSB(N) 602 (inactive)

USS Jack SSN 605 (inactive)

Tinosa SS-283 & SSN-606 (inactive)

USS Ethan Allen SSBN/SSN 608 (inactive)

USS Gato (SSN-615) (inactive)

USS John Adams (SSBN620) (inactive)

U.S.S. Haddock SSN-621 (inactive)

USS James Monroe SSBN 622 (inactive)

USS Henry Clay SSBN-625 (inactive)

USS Daniel Webster, SSB(N)626 (inactive)

USS Daniel Boone SSBN 629 Association (inactive)

USS Sturgeon SSN637 (inactive)

USS Ray SS/SSR-271 & SSN-653 (inactive)

USS George C. Marshall (SSBN654) (inactive)

USS Bluefish SSN 675 (inactive)

USS Parche (SSN-683) (inactive)

USS Cavalla SSN-684 (inactive)

USS Los Angeles (SSN-688) (inactive)

USS Philadelphia (SSN 690) (inactive)

USS Memphis (SSN 691) (inactive)

USS Cincinnati (SSN 693) (inactive)

USS Groton SSN 694 (inactive)

USS Birmingham (SSN-695) (inactive)

USS Augusta (SSN-710) (inactive)

USS Houston SSN-713 Shipmate Connection (inactive)

USS Salt Lake City SSN 716 (inactive)

USS Henry M. Jackson SSBN 730 (inactive)

USS Alabama (SSBN 731) (inactive)

USS Alaska SSBN 732 (inactive)

USS Jefferson City (SSN759) (inactive)

Deep Submergence Craft: NR-1 (inactive)

41 For Freedom (inactive) Site dedicated to the "patriot" boats


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