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Thaddeus Wresinski

Thaddeus Wresinski in Army

Thaddeus' U.S. Army photo

 Purple HeartPrisoner of War Medal

Rank/Rate Patternmaker, First Class
Service Number 213 59 31
Birth Date November 1, 1898
From San Pedro, California
Decorations Purple Heart, Prisoner of War Medal
Ship USS Canopus (AS-9)
Date of Death October 24, 1944
Location Aboard the Hellship Arisan Maru
Circumstances Died when Arisan Maru, transporting Allied Prisoners of War from the Philippines to Japan, was sunk by USS Shark (SS-314)

Thaddeus was born in Warsaw, Poland (then part of Russia). He joined the U.S. Army, served during World War II, and was severely wounded in action. The photo above is from his service in the 106th Infantry Regiment.
Some sources list him as Boilermaker, First Class, Baker, First Class, or Pharmacist's Mate, First Class.

Photo and information courtesy of Elizabeth. Additional Information courtesy of Paul W. Wittmer.


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  Wresinski, Thaddeus

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