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Notice:  On this page are photos of the sunken submarine, USS Perch (SS-176).  The U.S. Navy has not yet verified the identity of the vessel 

All photos are copyrighted 2006, and are shown here courtesy of Kevin Denlay, December 2006

If you are a crew member, or a relative or a friend of any man who served on this boat, please contact us.

Contact:  Charles Hinman, (808) 423-1341, or education@bowfin.org

USS Perch Bow
Photo 01 - View aft from the bow

Shown on this page are five photos (Photo 01 - Photo 05) of the wreck of USS Perch (SS-176).  They are image captures from a video recording taken in November of 2006, by Kevin Denlay.  To the best of our knowledge, and in accordance with accepted International Law, the vessel has not been disturbed.

USS Perch - Bow
Photo 02 - View of the bow looking aft

During all dives, the photographers abide entirely by the regulations as stipulated by the
U.S. Naval Historical Center. 

USS Perch - Forward Capstan
Photo 03 - View of the forward capstan

Members of the dive team were Vidar Skoglie, Dieter Kops, Mike Gadd, Craig Challen, and Kevin Denlay.

USS Perch - Forward Deck
Photo 04 - View of the main deck looking aft

Mr. Denlay said of the dive, "Disappointingly, as we have found on many of the other Java Sea wrecks we have discovered over the years, visibility on the bottom, below the thermocline, is often very poor, and Perch is no exception. On the few dives we did on Perch visibility varied from between five and fifteen feet effective on the wreck, that is, making out any detail beyond this was impossible. It was also quite dark, although the low light capability of the video camera 'enhances' the light levels so the images don't look as dark as what it really was to the eye."

USS Perch - Forward Hatch
Photo 05 - View of the forward hatch.

Continue on to page 2 of the photographs.

If you are a relative or a friend of any man lost on this boat, please contact us.

Photos of the sunken vessel USS Perch
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"On Eternal Patrol," through USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park, is honored to be associated with Mr. Kevin Denlay.


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