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Maynard Frank "Wick" Wickham

Maynard Frank "Wick" Wickham, 1930sMaynard Frank "Wick" Wickham - Award Ceremony

Navy and Marine Corps MedalBronze StarPurple Heart

Rank/Rate Chief Motor Machinistís Mate
Service Number 371 88 88
Birth Date December 12, 1915
From Albuquerque, New Mexico
Decorations Navy-Marine Corps Medal, Bronze Star with Gold Star, Purple Heart
Submarine USS Scamp (SS-277)
Loss Date November 16, 1944
Location Off Inubo Saki near Tokyo Bay
Circumstances Sunk by a mine
Remarks "You can be assured that your grandfather was a dedicated Scamp sailor who took his duties seriously. He was knowledgeable of his boat and was highly respected by officers and crew. He had a great sense of humor and many jokes
were directed toward him to get his infectious laughter.  After we were hit on that Good Friday of 1944, and with our courageous and dedicated crew, we were able to get to Manus Isle and affect initial repairs along side Tangiers. It was your grandfather who donned gear to dive under our boat to determine what damage we had suffered. There were few in submarines who had the smarts Wick had about his engines and his boat."

      Letter from shipmate George Kuhn to Jeff Thrift, grandson of M. F. Wickham

Photo (left) and information courtesy of Jeff Thrift, grandson, and Cathy Calkins.  Photo (right) courtesy of  U.S. Navy.


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  Wickham, Maynard Frank

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