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USS Thresher on the Surface

USS Thresher (SSN-593), lost with all hands on April 10, 1963.

The following is a listing of more than 400 personal memorial pages on this site for the men who are known to have been lost while in service in the US Submarine Force after the end of World War II. 

Specifically, these are men who lost their lives while serving in the U.S. Submarine Force in the period from September 2, 1945, up to the present day.

Additionally, former submariners who were killed in the attacks committed against the United States on September 11, 2001, are included.

For information arranged by the name of the vessel, please view the listing of submarines that sustained losses after World War II.  There is also an "Additional Losses" page for listings of men were lost during this period while serving on vessels that were not sunk.

For a complete listing of men lost on USS Thresher (SSN-593), each with a photo and short biography, please visit the excellent memorial website, USS Thresher 593.

Click on a man's name to go to his personal memorial page on this site.  Photographs and personal information are needed as indicated in the column at right.

  Name Photo
  Fred Philip Abrams*  Yes
  Rolando Acosta  Yes
  Jerry Raymond Alexander  Yes
  Issac V. Algaze  Yes
  Clifford Young Alkema  Yes
  Keith Alexander Martin Allen  Yes
  Philip Harcourt Allen  Yes
  Jeffrey Alan Ammon  Yes
  Thomas Edward Amtower  Yes
  John P. Anderson  Needed
  George Gile Annable  Yes
  Michel Arguin  Needed
  Fred Leroy Arp  Yes
  Tilmon Joseph Arsenault  Yes
  Joseph Allen Ashley  Yes
  Keon A. Askew  Yes
  Joseph Anthony Baar, Jr.  Yes
  Ronald Clare Babcock  Yes
  David Lee Bachman  Needed
  Joseph S. Baczenski  Yes
  Michael Jon Bailey  Yes
  Ronald Eugene Bain  Yes
  Roy J. "Rusty" Ballinger  Yes
  Carl Donald Barckhoff  Yes
  Nicholas James Barrett  Needed
  Michael James Bartlett  Yes
  Eugene Francis Basche  Yes
  Daniel W. Beal, Jr.*  Yes
  John Edward Bell  Yes
  Ty Latt Bell  Yes
  Arthur Conley Belt  Yes
  Robert Donald Biederman  Yes
  Henry William Billimek  Needed
  John Hilary Billings  Yes
  Walter William Bishop  Yes
  James Anthony Black  Needed
  Michael Reid Blake  Yes
  Robert Harold Blocker  Yes
  Charles Wayne Bloomer  Yes
  Edgar Solon Bobbitt  Yes
  Bryan E. Boley  Yes
  Richard D. Bond  Yes
  Robert Wayne Bordelon, Jr.  Yes
  Gerald Charles Boster  Yes
  Frank Kenneth Boughton  Yes
  Charles Bartlett Bowman  Yes
  Joseph R. Boyarchurck  Yes
  George Bracey  Yes
  Richard Paul Brann  Yes
  Louis Joseph Brendle  Yes
  Kenneth Ray Brocker  Yes
  Arthur Shearer Brown  Yes
  Charles Darrow Browne  Yes
  James Kenneth Brueggeman  Yes
  Robert Francis Brunner, Jr.  Yes
  Robert Eugene Bryan  Yes
  James R. Buck, II  Yes
  John Patrick Burke  Yes
  Daniel Paul Burns, Jr.  Yes
  Rodney Francis Bush  Yes
  Robert Leon Butler  Needed
  Ronald Lee Byers  Yes
  Duglas Leroy Campbell  Yes
  Geoffrey C. Campbell  Yes
  Samuel J. Cardullo  Yes
  Francis King Carey, II  Yes
  Richard James Carkoski  Yes
  Patrick Wayne Carmody  Yes
  Gary James Carpenter  Yes
  Steven George Cayey  Yes
  Robert Lee Chandler  Yes
  Robert E. Charron*  Yes
  Charles W. Chinnis  Yes
  Leo Choles  Yes
  Edward Christiansen  Yes
  Mark Helton Christiansen  Yes
  Larry William Claussen  Yes
  Thomas Edward Clements  Yes
  James Maurice Coile, Jr.  Yes
  Larry James Cole  Needed
  Merrill Francis Collier  Yes
  Romeo S. Constantino  Yes
  Francis William Cookinham  Needed
  Kenneth Ray Corcoran*  Yes
  Grant W. Corey  Yes
  James Dale Coulson  Yes
  Robert James Cowan  Yes
  Kenneth James Critchley*  Yes
  Robert F. Cronotti  Yes
  Joseph Cross  Yes
  Francis Michael Cummings  Yes
  Paul Chevalier Currier*  Yes
  Samuel Gilbert Cushing  Needed
  Samuel Joseph Dabruzzi  Yes
  Clyde Elcott Davison, III  Yes
  Donald Clifford Day  Yes
  Larry John Dearmore  Yes
  Anthony DelVecchio (unverified)  Needed
  Garlin Ray Denney  Yes
  Roy Overton Denny, Jr.  Yes
  Richard Roy Des Jardins*  Yes
  Peter Joseph DiBella  Yes
  George J. Dineen*  Yes
  Michael John DiNola  Yes
  Gerry Efstathios Drakatos  Needed
  Melvin Spence Dry  Yes
  Delfin Paculan Dulay  Yes
  James Edward Dumire, Jr.  Yes
  Jerry Kent Duncan  Yes
  Don Roy Dundas  Yes
  Michael Edward Dunn  Yes
  Troy Earl Dyer  Yes
  Mark Ellis Eastwood  Yes
  Raymond Dewitt Edwards  Yes
  Rhiney Eifert  Yes
  Peter Joseph Elbert  Yes
  Dale Franklin Ellenwood  Yes
  Scott David Emberts  Yes
  Richard Philip Engelhart  Yes
  Mark Stewart Erickson  Needed
  Ray Earl Everts, Jr.  Yes
  George Patrick Farrin  Yes
  Theodore A. Faryan  Yes
  William Ralph Fennick  Yes
  Richard Kaye Fisher*  Yes
  Rodney Lee Fitz  Yes
  Robert Walter Flesch  Yes
  Danny Lee Flynt  Yes
  Vernon Mark Foli  Yes
  Ellwood Henry Forni  Yes
  James Walter Forrester, Jr.  Yes
  Raymond Peter Foti  Yes
  Ronald Anthony Frank  Yes
  Larry Wayne Freeman  Yes
  Gregory Joseph Fusco  Yes
  Andrew Joseph Gallant, Jr.  Yes
  Peter Alan Gamache  Yes
  Napoleon Tomas Garcia  Yes
  Marl H. "Tink" Garlock  Yes
  John Edmond Garner  Yes
  Pat Mehaffy Garner  Yes
  Leonard Garrett  Needed
  Robert William Gaynor  Yes
  Michael A. Gentile  Yes
  Michael David Gibson  Yes
  Daniel Lynn Gicie  Yes
  Thomas N. Gilmore  Needed
  Jacob Dana Gjerning  Yes
  Steven Dean Gleason  Yes
  William Bret Godfrey  Yes
  Ronald Paul Goo  Yes
  James Peter Goonan  Needed
  Jason Robert Goshorn  Needed
  Robert Howard Gosnell  Yes
  John Gilbert Grafton  Yes
  William Edward Graham  Yes
  Dennis Norval Grant  Yes
  Joshua Glenn Greene  Yes
  Paul Alfred Guerette*  Yes
  Agustin Tuazon Guiao, Jr.  Yes
  Aaron Jackie Gunter  Yes
  John George Guttermuth  Yes
  John Joseph Hackett  Yes
  Robert Lee Hadley  Yes
  Richard Charles Hall  Yes
  Ronald James Harrison  Needed
  John Wesley Harvey  Yes
  William Clarke Harwi  Yes
  John Ellsworth Hasselbrink  Yes
  Norman Theodore Hayes  Yes
  Bruce Charles Heezen  Yes
  Laird Glenn Heiser  Yes
  Marvin Theodore Helsius  Yes
  Gerald Robert Hendricks  Yes
  Melvin Buck Henneberger, Jr.  Yes
  John Henri  Needed
  James John Henry, Jr.  Yes
  Michael Edward Henry  Yes
  Joram Hernandez  Needed
  Larry Leroy Hess  Yes
  Leonard Hogentogler Hewitt  Yes
  Thomas Kern Higgins  Yes
  Joseph Hartshorne Hoague  Yes
  James Porter Hodge  Yes
  Jack Ira Hoel  Yes
  Randy Hoffman  Yes
  William Edward Hoffman  Yes
  Richard Curtis Hogeland  Yes
  Marcus Lydell Holmes  Yes
  Michael J. Holtz  Yes
  Randall Forrest Hopson  Yes
  John Richard Houge  Yes
  Charles Emory Howard  Yes
  Ralph Robert Huber  Yes
  Harry David Huckelberry  Yes
  John Francis Hudson  Yes
  David Albert Hurt, Sr.  Yes
  William Albert Huston  Yes
  John Penfield Inglis  Yes
  Montreal Leburt Jackson  Needed
  Steven Craig Jacobs  Yes
  Paul Marcellos Jalosky  Yes
  Maurice Frank Jaquay*  Yes
  James R. Jensen  Needed
  David Jimenez  Needed
  Brawner Garth Johnson  Yes
  Edward Albert Johnson  Yes
  John Frank Johnson  Yes
  Richard Lee Johnson  Yes
  Robert Johnson  Yes
  Robert Eugene Johnson  Yes
  Steven Leroy Johnson  Yes
  Thomas Benjamin Johnson  Yes
  Julius Johnston, III  Yes
  Peter Raymond Jones**  Yes
  Richard William Jones  Yes
  Donald Clyde Jordon  Yes
  Patrick Charles Kahanek  Yes
  Robert E. Kain  Yes
  Edmund Joseph Kaluza  Yes
  James Kane  Needed
  Thomas Charles Kantz  Yes
  Donald Terry Karmasek, Sr.  Yes
  Robert Dennis Kearney  Yes
  Ronald Dean Keiler  Yes
  Richard Allen Kerntke, Sr.  Yes
  Irvin Eddy Kersey  Yes
  George John Kiesecker  Yes
  Rodney Joseph Kipp  Yes
  Billy Max Klier  Yes
  David Jason Klieves  Yes
  Paul Richard Klinedinst, Jr.  Yes
  Dennis Charles Knapp  Yes
  Ronald Henry Knaub  Yes
  Alexander Kobashar  Needed
  Karl William Koch, Jr.  Yes
  Robert Lee Krag  Yes
  George Ronald Kroner  Yes
  Donald William Kuester*  Yes
  Joseph Leo Lacourse  Needed
  Harry Ladd  Needed
  Charles Lee Lamberth  Yes
  Max Franklin Lanier  Yes
  Norman Gilbert Lanouette  Yes
  David R. Lauro  Yes
  Wayne Wilfred Lavoie  Yes
  James David Lear  Yes
  Robert E. Lee  Needed
  Brydon Dee Leo  Needed
  Warren Dean Leonard  Yes
  Marshall Todd Lindgren  Yes
  Howard Christopher Littlefield  Yes
  John Weichert Livingston  Yes
  David Bennett Lloyd  Yes
  Wesley Wayne Logue  Needed
  James R. Lombard  Yes
  Fred Walter Lujan  Needed
  John Sheldon Lyman, Jr.  Yes
  Robert Erich Lynde  Yes
  Templeman Norwood Mabry, Jr.  Yes
  William Gerald Mack  Yes
  Frank John Malinski  Yes
  Richard Herman Mann, Jr.  Yes
  Kenneth Robert Martin  Yes
  Julius Francis Marullo, Jr.  Yes
  Charles C. Mattson  Needed
  Frank Patsy Mazzuchi  Yes
  Douglas Ray McClelland  Yes
  Ike Lankford McClure  Needed
  Donald James McCord  Yes
  Karl Paul McDonough  Yes
  James McElrath  Needed
  Michael Lee McGuire  Yes
  Terence K. McLaughlin  Needed
  Michael James McQuiwn  Yes
  Richard Warren Means  Yes
  Ralph Perez Melendez  Yes
  Harry James Edward Melrose  Yes
  Sidney Lynn Middleton  Yes
  Steven Charles Miksad  Yes
  Harry Roger Milberger  Yes
  James Robert Miller  Yes
  Joseph Francis Miller, Jr.  Yes
  William Edgar Miller  Yes
  Richard Frederick Mills  Yes
  Steven James Minardi  Yes
  Frank Minnick  Yes
  Cecil Frederick Mobley  Yes
  Henry Charles Moreau*  Yes
  Robert Francis Morgan, Jr.  Needed
  Raymond Dale Morrison  Yes
  Brian Anthony Moss  Yes
  John Crawford Mueller  Yes
  Ronald Arthur Muise  Yes
  Wayne Francis Munsch  Yes
  Patrick Jude Murphy  Yes
  James Alton Musselwhite  Yes
  Seth Jacob Myers  Yes
  Donald Emery Nault  Yes
  Richard Lee Nelson  Yes
  Phillip Jeffrey Nisevich  Yes
  Walter Jack Noonis  Yes
  John Daniel Norris  Yes
  Phil Nowak  Needed
  Robert Lee Nutt  Yes
  Dennis Bradley O'Brien, Jr.  Yes
  Michael Anthony Odening  Yes
  Chesley Charles Oetting  Yes
  John Stanton O'Malley  Yes
  Walter Maynard Orcutt Needed
  Franklin James Palmer*  Yes
  Frank Anthony Palombella, Jr.  Yes
  Stephen Gerald Parenteau  Needed
  David Alan Parker  Yes
  Guy Carrington Parsons, Jr.  Yes
  Terry William Parsons  Yes
  James W. Pascucci  Yes
  Roscoe Cleveland Pennington  Yes
  Glenn B. Perkins  Yes
  James Glen Peters  Yes
  Daniel Christopher Petersen  Yes
  Dennis Paul Pferrer  Yes
  James Frank Phillippi  Yes
  Robert Wellington Philo  Yes
  Daniel Andrew Philput  Yes
  Timothy Jackson Pierce  Yes
  Robert Lee Pinney  Yes
  Thomas Podesky  Yes
  Richard Podwell  Yes
  Eugene Lawrence Pollmann  Yes
  Gerald Stanley Pospisil  Yes
  James Robert Pottle, Jr.  Yes
  Donald Richard Powell  Yes
  Robert Dan Prescott*  Yes
  Erik McKean Prouty  Yes
  Raymond Charles Prys  Yes
  Richard Dale Ramirez  Yes
  David Kendall Rapelye  Needed
  Earl Lester Ray, Jr.  Yes
  John Sage Regan  Yes
  Randy Ray Richards  Yes
  Slade Rieves  Yes
  Steve J. Rincon  Needed
  James Patrick Ritchie  Yes
  Henry Keith Robertson  Yes
  William C. Robinson  Yes
  Pervis Robison, Jr.  Yes
  John Carlos Rodriguez  Yes
  Glenn Alva Rountree  Yes
  Joseph E. A. Rousseau  Yes
  Floyd J. Rozmyslowicz  Yes
  Anthony Alexander Rushetski  Yes
  Richard Mackie Ryder  Yes
  Steve Salantai  Needed
  Jorge Luis Santana  Yes
  Ezra Thomas Seymour Sartin  Needed
  Lynn Thompson Saville  Yes
  James William Saxon  Yes
  Richard George Schaffer  Yes
  James Michael Schiewe  Yes
  William Newman Schoonover  Yes
  Rodney Keith Scott, Jr.  Yes
  Aaron Edward Scrimiger  Needed
  Scott Anthony Seely  Yes
  Phillip Allan Seifert  Yes
  Jeffrey Lynn Sellers  Yes
  Billy Carter Semones  Yes
  Raoul Charles Senechel  Yes
  Benjamin Nathan Shafer  Yes
  John Davis Shafer  Yes
  Wilson Manley Shafer, Jr.  Yes
  Leslie C. Shelton  Yes
  Joseph Thomas Shimko  Yes
  Burnett Michael Shotwell  Yes
  Clint William Shunk  Yes
  Earl Clifford Singer, Jr.  Yes
  Alan Dennison Sinnett  Yes
  Eric Paul Skinner  Yes
  Francis Atwood Slattery  Yes
  Robert Eldridge Small  Yes
  James E. Smallwood  Yes
  John Smarz, Jr.  Yes
  Albert William Smith  Needed
  George Elmer Smith, Jr.  Yes
  Laughton Douglas Smith  Yes
  Robert Bernard Smith  Yes
  Scott Smith  Needed
  William Harry Smith, Jr.  Yes
  Harold Robert Snapp, Jr.  Yes
  James Leonard Snider  Yes
  Austin Joseph Snyder, Jr.  Yes
  Ronald Hal Solomon  Yes
  John Russell Sopko  Yes
  Donald Wayne Spratlin  Yes
  Richard Atherly Spurrier  Yes
  Donald T. Stadtmuller*  Yes
  Charles Richard Staninger, Jr.  Yes
  Robert Edwin Steinel  Yes
  Daniel Peter Stephens  Yes
  Joel Candler Stephens  Yes
  Lawrence W. Stinson  Yes
  David Burton Stone  Yes
  John Phillip Sturgill  Yes
  Richard Norman Summers  Yes
  John Driscoll Sweeney, Jr.  Yes
  John Charles Sweet  Yes
  Theodore Joseph Szarzynski  Needed
  Larry V. Thompson  Yes
  William Morgan Thompson  Yes
  Walter Curtis Thorp  Yes
  Carl P. Thunderbird  Yes
  James Frank Tindol, III  Yes
  John J. Tobin  Needed
  James Francis Twyford  Yes
  Allen Roland Ueckert  Yes
  Jack Valentine  Yes
  Roger Edwin VanPelt  Yes
  Scott Charles VanSchaick  Needed
  Ronald James Vauk  Yes
  Johnny Gerald Veerhusen  Yes
  Robert Paul Violetti  Yes
  Ronald James Voss  Yes
  John Michael Wallace  Yes
  Joseph Alfred Walski  Yes
  David Allan Wasel  Yes
  Joel Kurt Watkins  Yes
  Robert Westley Watson  Yes
  Thomas M. Watson  Yes
  James Edwin Webb  Yes
  Leo William Weinbeck  Yes
  James Mitchell Wells  Yes
  Rodney R. Wendling  Yes
  Edward Jesse Whirledge  Yes
  Wayne Boyd White  Needed
  Lawrence Eugene Whitten*  Yes
  Charles Louis Wiggins  Yes
  Alvin Landon Wilderman  Yes
  John Joseph Wiley  Yes
  Glen O. Wilfong, Jr.  Yes
  Eugene Jay Wilk  Yes
  Ronald Richard Williams  Yes
  Robert Alan Willis  Yes
  William Henry Wilson  Yes
  Donald Edward Wise  Yes
  Shawn Michael Wise  Yes
  Ronald Eugene Wolfe  Yes
  Walter Gray Womble  Yes
  Marcus David Woods  Yes
  William Joel Woods  Yes
  Virgil Alexander Wright, III  Yes
  Donald Howard Yarbrough  Yes
  David Castle Youens  Yes
  Clarence Otto Young, Jr.  Yes
  Jay Henry Zweifel  Yes

*Civilians embarked in Thresher when she was lost at sea.

**British Royal Marine Commando, passenger on USS Perch (SSP-313).


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